Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'd like to start off with a small introduction about myself. Hi. My name is Dan and I live in a small town situated next to Boston, MA! I have been cooking for a long time, long, very long but it wasn't until recently that I started experimenting more with recipes and winning votes from those who have tried my masterpieces (or guesses, ha!).

I am influenced by Indian and Arabic foods, they just happen to be my all time favorites and I love love love eating these two delicious cuisines. One of my favorite Arabic cookbooks is called "Foods From Biblical Lands" which includes simple, mouth watering recipes, prepared as they were in biblical times.

For Indian, I love to follow Madhur Jaffrey and Bal Anerson (latter from the cooking channel). Yes, I love the cooking channel, more than food network even though they are related. One thing that I have learned by following authentic indian recipes is that the dishes you prepare differ greatly from what you get in an Indian restaurant in America, which leans toward using lots of heavy cream which is delicious but just plain naughty.

Just because these two are my favorite world cuisines, doesn't mean that we wont learn recipes for others such as German (omg yum!), Italian, Latin American, African and Asian (Ever try konnyaku? You will soon!). Oh yes, we will attempt to cook all and hopefully include some photos for your precious eyes to feast on, made especially by my new digital camera, which I am still trying to learn to use.

Lastly, I may talk about my zoo once in a while. I have cats. I love cats, they are so cute. I always say that Pedro (my Persian) would be a chef if he were a human, he is ALWAYS at my feet watching me, but probably just waiting for me to drop something yummy. Pig ALWAYS comes running when he hears he crinkling of certain plastic packages (think coldcuts).

Ok and now time to enjoy the ride and thank you for visiting, please stay a while!

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