Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kitchen Tools: Peelers

I wasn't kidding when I tell you that I have almost every kitchen tool or gadget you can think of. I've pooled together all of the peelers I could find, because, yes I really do use all of them. In the photo, you'll see a variety of peelers, but I think in the real world you could find many other kinds in addition to these.

So when do you use which peeler!? Well, I use the traditional peelers for carrots and potatoes. You don't need anything fancy (2nd from left AND the last one on the right). In fact, using a fancy peeler on something so small really makes the job harder. For example, if I were to use the peeler 2nd in from the right on a potato, I might end up cutting my wrists. It's just not worth it. However, I do use that particular peeler for peeling eggplant. It allows you to hold the eggplant with one hand and since it is long enough, you start from the top and peel toward you. Much easier than using a knife and the traditional peeler, in the end, use it to peel long vegetables.

What's that, did someone say knife? Yeah, I added a paring knife to the picture, the reason is that when peeling apples, this really is one of the easiest things to use. Forget all the others, they just don't pierce the tough skin as easily.  I do however, have a lovely apple peeler contraption that I will save for another day. It is pretty awesome and allows you to peel an apple in seconds...again that is for another day. For now, just use the paring knife.

Also, the wooden handle is an apple corer/some kind of peeler. Pretty neat eh? I am sure at one point it was, but the peeler is too dull for apples, maybe its ok for carrots, and MAAAYBBBEEE if you are creative you can use this one to make neat garnishes (which I haven't mastered yet, but one day!)

What is that strange looking one all the way to the left? Ohh...that is a citrus zester! It allows you to peel the skin of a citrus, so if a recipe calls for lemon zest, this baby is your tool. It peels in strips and just deep enough to get all of the mouth watering flavors while avoiding the horridly bitter white pith (the white membrane between citrus peels and the actual fruit). I seriously use this ALL the time, its much easier than using a grater.

I think that about sums it up. I hope you were able to follow the puzzle which is my rambling on, but I do also hope you've learned something helpful. And, no recipe today mehhhh!


  1. This is helpful, b/c I never know what peeler to use for my butternut squash. I have to get one of those long veggie peelers! Thanks!

  2. Dan honey, you are such a boy! You mention above "the wooden handle is an apple corer/some kind of peeler ... but the peeler is too dull for apples". Well darlin, it's too dull for apples cause it's meant to be used to core squash to make coosa!! I'm willing to bet you bought it in one of the middle eastern shops you frequent. I will get you the recipe for coosa so that you can use that lovely tool as it was intended.

    Frannie from Yelp

  3. Haha I am actually VERY happy you shared that! It came from my mother's house I am pretty sure, and I've had it forever but never used it because I thought it was just being dull haha. Well now I know and now I will definitely make the coosa and take pics for YOU! But now you have to be my fb friend (teehee)