Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chutney for Me! (And Maybe for You Too?)

So, as you already know I love Indian food. My lovely friend Noopdawg has a blog that I am hoping she updates with authentic Indian recipes (hint hint), like this one for green chutney which is my second favorite Indian chutney, but when Noopdawg makes it, it is #1! 

You may be asking, what the heck is chutney anyways? Well, I will tell you what the heck chutney is! It is a condiment, a lovely lovely condiment, that is made from all different things like limes, coconut, mango, mint, tamarind and can either be soothing, tangy or spicy. In the words of Noopdawg "aah! Chutney is a worryfree condiment to me. Worryfree - because the calorie count is very low, its all fresh and not cooked with any grease and really packs a punch of flavor!"

Major Grey's Mango ChutneyNow, there are other kinds of chutneys as well, kinds that are probably not as indigenous to places like India where you might find mint, coconut or tamarind chutney. A country like England (US too), for example, has a very LOVELY chutney that you would eat with a nice sharp cheddar cheese. If you know me, you know that I cannot pass by a hunk of good cheese without wanting to sink my teeth into it, and if you DO know me, then you know I have done it more than once! 

What better way to enjoy the cheese than with something tangy like a fruit chutney! One of my favorites, which by the way I found out just last month (!!) that this is what you would most likely find in an Indo-American restaurant, is Major Grey's Mango Chutney. It is a sweet and tangy (think vinegar) condiment, and not only goes excellent with Indian dishes but is also amazing with that sharp cheddar cheese I was hummin' and hawin' about! Other nice cheese chutneys include ingredients such as raisins, apples, prunes, apricots...you get the idea.

We all know I am down for home made stuff, some chutneys are easier than others, but if you want something like Major Grey's, buy it. 

Here are Noopdawg's top chutneys:

fresh green chutney
mint chutney
coconut chutney
tomato chutney
tamarind chutney
ok i need to take a break ... i am salivating - (yes this really happened! See why I love her?)
so i was on break ...


  1. One time a couple of years ago, I got a sandwich at a deli andit had cranberry chutney on it. I didn't know what that was but it sounded good. It wasnt. To my surprise it was cranberries and peppers and nastyness. Since then I have feared the chutney .... maybe I should give it a second chance?!

  2. Aww Krystin! Sometimes chutney may not be for everybody, it's meant to be tangy and sometimes slightly spicy (Americanized). The cranberry does sound delicious though. There are some brands that are horrible, like for example, I will never buy Trader Joe's Mango Chutney. Its bad. But their simmering sauces are awesome, and their naan!

    There was a chutney called "Chutney For Cheeses" that I got from igourmet.com and omg, it was amazing. Again though, it is vinegary, tangy and full of fruit. If you like Indian food, go to a restaurant and ask for a side of Mango chutney and see if you like that. You can also ask for onion chutney which is delicious, but its just onions and tomato and sooo good.

    Now, lastly, Chutney doesn't always = vinegar, its just a condiment, like how we have mustard, ketchup, relish etc...You'll have to try a few before you find something you really like!

  3. zOMG now I'm thinking about the garlic chutney I had at the Thali place in Bombay. MMMmmmmmmmMmmm