Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Fun In the Kitchen!

I know, I am one of those kind of people...I pretend to not be interested in the Royal Wedding (its even capitalized) but then secretly I am searching for links and pics. Well, really the only thing I was interested in was their menu. It was easy to find this morning, 10,000 canapes (small decorative appetizers) which are my favorite things to eat because when you are at a good wedding, there is usually a big variety of this yumminess. Well the Royal Wedding included this extensive list of canapes, of which I may try to make many of them myself. Once I do, I will be sure to post the success or failure of them.

I am excited about trying the duck terrine, just need to find someone to eat it with!


Cornish Crab Salad on Lemon Blini 

Pressed Duck Terrine with Fruit Chutney 

Roulade of Goat’s Cheese with Caramelised Walnuts 

Assortment of Palmiers and Cheese Straws 

Scottish Smoked Salmon Rose on Beetroot Blini 

Miniature Watercress and Asparagus Tart 

Poached Asparagus Spears with Hollandaise Sauce for Dipping 

Quails’ Eggs with Celery Salt 

Main course 

Scottish Langoustines with Lemon Mayonnaise 

Pressed Confit of Pork Belly with Crayfi sh and Crackling 

Wild Mushroom and Celeriac Chausson 

Bubble and Squeak with Confit Shoulder of Lamb 

Grain Mustard and Honey-glazed Chipolatas 

Smoked Haddock Fishcake with Pea Guacamole 

Miniature Yorkshire Pudding with Roast Fillet of Beef and Horseradish Mousse 


Gateau Opera 

Blood Orange Pâté de Fruit 

Raspberry Financier 

Rhubarb Crème Brulée Tartlet 

Passion Fruit Praline 

White Chocolate Ganache Truffle 

Milk Chocolate Praline with Nuts 

Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffle 

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