Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some like it hot...German Potato Salad

Everyone has a secret family recipe for potato salad, and I've tried many of them. They are all delicious! One person might use a lot of bacon, another uses chopped pickles, I use a lot of fresh dill. But there is one thing in common with many of these recipes, MAYONNAISE! Yum, I do like good ol' mayo here and there but sometimes its just too much, isn't it?

Well, I've decided to expand my recipe base and try out the warm potato salad, as it is eaten in one of my favorite lands, Germany! Its really very easy to make, and will please almost any crowd ( I say almost because there are people who know what they like and thats all there is to it!), so if you want to try something different, this is HIGHLY recommended, by me! Of course! That, and its served with many dishes in Deutschland and is just awesome.

Here is where you can 1. be lazy like me or 2. be a good home cook. You will need potatoes, about 4 medium, however, I used canned sliced potatoes the last time I made this but you can peel and slice your potatoes into a thick chip, boil them, but not for too long!

In the mean time, mix 1/3 cup of water, 1/4 cup vinegar (I use apple cider, but you can use white, or rice or whatever, and 2 table spoons of sugar. Set aside.

I use a cast iron skillet, but feel free to use whatever you have. I fry 4-5 slices of bacon. I recently got some really good, smoked bacon from Karl's Sausage Kitchen yummmmm. Fry til crispy and set aside but don't pour out the fat! (Ok I guess you could and replace it with something healthier but why?)

Next, add a small chopped onion to the fat and saute lightly til soft, but don't burn! Next add a table spoon of flour and stir around, this will act as your thickener. After about a minute, add the liquid and stir to dissolve the flour, and now add the potatoes and gently simmer until the sauce is nice and thick and coats the potatoes. You can let them sit in the warm pan with sauce for a while as long as you didn't overcook them in the first step.

Just before serving, crumble and sprinkle the bacon over the top (ugh I can taste it already) and serve!

Now, to be a bit more exotic....I wonder what it would taste like sprinkled with a masala??  Maybe next time!


  1. Dan... I wish I had some cooking skills cause I would love to try this. It sounds and looks SUPER yummy! Is this a dan "original" or a dish thats been in ur family and was handed down to u? Either way, ill bet its spectacular! Keep posting ur dishes as they all look fantastic and make me salivate. Alanaleigh1980

  2. Alana thank you for the comment! Whenever I post recipes it is usually a mix of many other recipes. I can never follow just one haha. A lot of the recipes I have are very very easy, trust me, you don't need cooking skills, just follow along. I would stay away from the Indian recipes, they are usually much more complicated, which is why they are always so delicious.