Monday, August 15, 2011

The Slimcado: Not Your Average Avocado

I love Avocados. Their creamy, lightly flavored meat is so versatile I don't even think we realize it. We can eat it raw (the best!), on salads, soups, make into a sauce, dip or even fry it. A few things about avocado that may keep us from consuming them on a regular basis is price, right? I mean, one Hass avocado can cost up to $2 at one of the cheaper grocery stores and is the most readily available. That is a lot of money, even though it is so worth it once in a while.

Just a few days ago though, I went into Shaws after work looking for cheese and some other ingredients to make meatballs, but the second I walked in I was hit with a huge display of lovely, large green smooth skinned "Florida" avocados prices at 2 for $3. I couldn't believe it, that is a steal compared to the size of these babies. But wait....what the heck is a Florida Avocado, why is it so large and why are they promoting it as being "healthier" than the common Hass?

After a couple of days researching this large avocado, I found out that it is actually called the "Slimcado" because it is 30% lower in calories and about 50% less fat than the original avocado. Ok so what's the catch? I just cut mine open and the inside looks the same, smells the same however the flavor was slightly different. It was a little less creamy and a little sweeter, but was actually really delicious!

If you see them in the store, try it. If they are rock hard, use my ripening trick and all will be rewarded with delicious avocado.

Ripening trick: Place the avocado in a brown paper bag with a tomato or an apple. It should ripen within a day, MAYBE two days.

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