Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Dessert: Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Ritz Crackers

This year I made a few different chocolaty yums for Christmas desserts. Usually, I try to make a variety of cookies, but this year is the year of chocolate (in my mind, that is!). After looking through Foodgawker one very popular dessert I had been seeing numerous times was not only delicious sounding, but also extremely easy to make. Chocolate covered peanut butter ritz cracker sandwiches. Since this recipe is so simple and quick, you could potentially have time to make these before your party!

Not that this helps much, but I always try to see if I can cut out some fat from recipes. In this one, the best thing you could do is use low fat ritz or butter crackers, they taste just the same! This recipe is so easy that you might even want to have your kids help spread the peanut putter on the crackers. Oh also, I am sure you could use any nut butter as long as it isn't so thin that it might leak.

1 package chocolate chips
2 sleeves ritz crackers
peanut butter
parchment paper

So basically, make a lot of sandwiches, spread peanut butter on one cracker and top it with another. The hardest part will be the chocolate and the easiest thing is to read the directions on how to melt it without scorching or over tempering it.

If you use a double boiler like I did, keep in mind that the longer you allow the chocolate to stay over the heated water, the more dried out the lovely, thick sauce will be, so either work really fast or keep the heat on very very low.  If the chocolate begins to dry out, you should be able to save it by adding more chips and re-melting it all together.

One tip that I found very helpful from another blogger is to use a fork to lift the sandwich out of the chocolate. Why couldn't I have thought of this? It really made life so much easier! Once the sandwich is fully covered, tap it against the side of the bowl and then run the bottom of the fork over the rim of the bowl which will take off the extra chocolate. Set these aside on parchment paper.

They freeze well!

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