Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Meat with Sauce and Pasta

Tonight was one of those "I have NO idea what to make" nights so then I did what I normally do and took a peek in the refrigerator to see what there might be for leftovers. Pot of tomato sauce? Check. Sausage? Check! Pasta? Check check check! An onion?! YES! It was in there too!

Also, this is one of those "please don't judge based on the photo" night, it looks, um, not good, but trust me this is such a comforting and EASY food to prepare.

Now I had to figure out what I wanted to turn these ingredients into. Well, yesterday I went up to the middle of New Hampshire with some friends to visit their family. They served us a great little lunch which was delicious, turkey sausage in a very thick vegetable tomato sauce. So I decided I wanted this again and thats exactly what I made! You can use any tomato sauce you like, but I had some leftover from my christmas lasagna, nice and chunky, yum!

1 package turkey sausage links
1 bell pepper chopped or 1 cup frozen chopped
1 onion sliced thin
3-4 garlic cloves crushed
handful frozen chopped spinach
Tomato sauce
Olive oil

1. In my cast iron skillet I brought a table spoon of olive oil to heat, over high heat and added the onions and peppers. Saute for a minute or two.
2.  Add the sausage links and garlic pieces. Once the sausages are fairly cooked through, slice them in the pan. Let this mixture of sausage and vegetables to cook for a long time over medium. I'd say 10 minutes or so. Add a splash of water here and there if it starts to get too sticky. And continue stirring.
3. Pour in some tomato sauce and stir, not too much, you want this to be really thick. Once the water has evaporated add more sauce. You can do this a few times until you get a consistency you like.
4. Once the water is evaporated from the meat you can turn off the heat, add the frozen spinache and allow the mixture to sit for a minute.
5. Serve over pasta and enjoy!


  1. Have you ever used sundried tomato paste? So good! This sounds great though :)

  2. No! I have not and that does sound like it would be really good! I'd say try adding it, yum! Actually, now that I think of it there is an italian restaurant that we go to sometimes, I get the ravioli in a sun dried tomato, very chunky and very flavorful "sauce" and I love it!